Welcome to the United States Army's virtual branch orientation (VBO) portal.

This portal will help you to learn about the Army's seventeen basic branches, three components of service, functional areas, and specialty branches. It is also the entry way to link you with upcoming virtual branch and component virtual engagements.

The goal is simple:

Identify the component that best meets your career aspirations and align your unique talents with the unique talent priorities of each basic branch. Good luck!

Cadets follow these simple steps to Educate, Navigate, and Participate:

  1. Check out the "What is Talent?" slides to understand what talent really is (and is not!).
  2. Watch the "How Branching Works" video so that you know best how to engage in the branching market.
  3. Navigate to individual branches to learn more about their history, mission, and talent requirements.
  4. Click on the "Live Branch Engagement Schedule and Links" below for links to Blackboard Collaborate live branch engagement sessions.
  5. Participate in live branch engagements as often as you wish. To see recordings of virtual engangements you may have missed click Here

The Virtual Branch Orientation opening video is available Here